Sweet And Savoury Treats At Brioche

Sweet And Savoury Treats At Brioche

There’s a neck of the woods I usually tend to avoid, but the other day I found myself in Glenhazel with an empty belly and some time to spare. Not quite knowing what to do with myself I drove around for a bit, and thankfully, a place I’d never seen before caught my eye so I went to investigate. Brioche, I’m so glad our paths crossed.


Owned by the brains behind Belle’s Patisserie, this new kid on the block has the same kind of drool-inducing air to it. Walk in and you’ll be visually assaulted by an array of baked goods – this is not a place where one practises self-restraint. You’ll immediately want to take home more than necessary and binge-eat it all!

Try not to be overwhelmed. Calmly walk to the large seating area, take a couple of deep breaths and scan the extensive menu. They’ve got hearty options like butternut soup, eggs benedict and challah French toast, all of which I will be back to sample.


If that doesn’t quite do it for you, the health-conscious can tuck into vegan chocolate brownies, gluten- and sugar-free, low carb vegan flapjacks or acai oat pots, while the rest of you can make your own pizza, order a bowl of pasta or keep things simple with a toasted sarmie.

Often when a restaurant makes too many things and doesn’t specialise, the food is below average – right? It’s safe to say that is not the case at Brioche – you can’t really go wrong. It caters to everyone, including the Kosher.


On my visit, I opted for a sushi salad, which was fresh, delicious and filling. Of course, I took a handful of baked treats home for later; I just don’t think it’s possible to leave empty handed.

I highly recommend driving to this specific neck of the woods just to get your next foodie fix. You can thank me later.


Where: No. 2 Long Avenue Corner Ridge Road, Glenhazel, Johannesburg.

Tel: 011 028 1244

by Nicole Samakosky
Treats galore at this place, brought to you by the brains behind Belle’s Patisserie.