Schwabinger Stuben

Schwabinger Stuben

After last weekend's orgy of baroque décor and filigree dishes at Mosaic, I decided to see how the denizens of Randburg dine out, in comparison to the slouching locals of the Bushveld Pub in Craighall.

Down Main Street, in deepest darkest Randburg lies Schwabinger Stuben, a mom and pop German establishment; rather incongruous in its needs-a-lick-of-paint suburban setting. Inside a roomy heavily wood panelled interior leads into a beer garden. Along with the smell of frying pork, tinselly German Eurotrash music permeates- a recall to the days of Modern Talking and other saccharine synth peculiarly common in European jukeboxes.

An atlas of pork dishes, the favourably-priced menu averages at about R60  a main course. 78 ZA Rondt will get you an eisbein the size of a toddler's head. You'd have to be fat as Gilbert Grape's mother to finish it in one sitting. I am not, and couldn't.

Exotic German beers, such as Erdinger (a dark beer that smacked of alcoholic Bovril), and the blonder, blander Weisbeer- the David Beckham of beers: sweet, good-looking, but insubstantial- best described as a sugary Boddingtons.

In short, for a cheaply priced, hearty, rich meal moulded to the Teutonic palate, it's a good occasional treat. Occasional. You'd need a lederhosen-lined Aryan stomach to eat like this every day.

Schwabinger Stuben
387 Main Road
Tel: 011-787-2550

by fush&chips
Ich bin ein eisbeiner Schwabinger Stuben