Schwaben Butchery, Germany On A Plate

Schwaben Butchery, Germany On A Plate

If you're craving a trip to Germany you need not buy a plane ticket. Schwaben Butchery and deli is just down the road and offers all things good and German.

Ever been to Germany and enjoyed the meaty delicacies so much that you couldn't wait to go back? Well I have found just the place to bring back those fond memories of Goulash, Eisbein, Sauerkraut and pickles.



Nestled in the far corner of Value City in Meadowdale, you will find Schwaben Butchery. This place is not just any butchery but very much like a 'mini- German supermarket'. Everything inside is imported from Germany. It is stocked to the brim with various meat products (Roast Beef, Pork, Kassler), cakes (apple pie), sweets, teas, spices and mustards. While salivating at all these wonderful goodies to eat, one can place an order and sit down to eat it. So you can do your shopping and eat it and then shop a little more before leaving.





On a recent visit to Schwaben, instead of ordering the traditional Bockwurst and potato salad, I opted for pickled fish. My better half chose a German rolled pancake with ham and cheese. Very unusual. We each ordered a drink and it all came to around R50. This was unexpectedly reasonable for imported goodies.





You will be pleased to know that there is a seating area both inside the deli as well as outside; so there is no excuse not to quickly sit down and savour a German treat or two. Rumour has it that on Saturdays there is an Oompah band to entertain patrons and the Schwaben staff hand out little glass tubs of German honey too. I had better check my diary for this Saturday!





Where? Shop 14E Value City, Meadowdale, Germiston
(011) 454 0160/1







by Litza Karatzoglou
Schwaben Butchery -It's not the bratworst, it's the BratBEST!