Salvation Through Sandwiches

Salvation Through Sandwiches

Yesterday I discovered the dreamiest little spot on 4th Avenue in Parkhurst. Casa Marani Italian Deli, which for 20 years could be found at the Bryanston Organic Market has made a permanent and delicious home for itself in one of Jozi’s busiest suburbs. 

The small deli is run by a family who adore what they do, which is made evident in everything from the free range eggs that adorn a table to the marinated artichokes that tease you from within a fridge at the back of the shop.

Upon arrival, we were greeted warmly by a man named Keith (oh, Keith; purveyor of exceptionally fresh ciabatta and pourer of fabulous coffee) before he dove right in and explained to us that we should pick a type of bread before heading to the fridge and choosing from Casa Marani’s selection of cold meats, cheese, marinated dreams made up of peppers, artichokes, brinjals, mushrooms and the most vibrant caprese salad anyone has ever seen, let alone tasted, ever. 

I got a sandwich on soft ciabatta with emmental cheese, pesto, sun dried tomatoes, marinated peppers and artichokes with a side caprese salad, which I maintain is one of life’s most simple and fantastic pleasures, especially when made with super fresh ingredients. My sister got one with brinjal and caprese inside, because we like shaking things up and we like cheese.


We also got a plate made up for everyone at the table with a little bit of everything and took our time obsessing over the perfection that was each and every bite, in true meze-loving form.


We drank perfect cappucinos and espressos that packed the lovliest punch as sat lazily and happily watching the world go by. 

Casa Marani also very generously offers take home meals from their freezer, and a quick glance at the menu had me excited for my next Italian craving.

From homemade lasange of every kind, to Melanzane Parmigiana, they have absolutely everything we'll ever need for a beautiful home cooked meal, easily ready to take away and enjoy from under a blanket on a chilly evening or under the trees in your garden during a summer's dinner party.


Myself and the rest of my well-fed crew then got excited over our coffees, at the planning of our next picnic which will definitely include a stop past Casa Marani with an empty basket before heading off on our way with meze to last a lifetime, or at least for one beautiful afternoon.

Find them at 37, 4th Avenue Parkhurst. (next door to Nice).

Thursday    9AM–6PM
Friday    9AM–6PM
Saturday    9AM–3AM
Sunday    9AM–2AM
Monday    Closed
Tuesday    9AM–6PM
Wednesday    9AM–6PM


by Christy Chilimigras
With Casa Marani