Rocomamas' Home Style Burgers

Rocomamas' Home Style Burgers
My car broke down in a Fourways car park the night before I went to Roco Mamas. I woke up in a state I can best describe as 'hangry' - hungry and angry. Basically, the universe owed me. To redeem the sins of the night before, I needed to indulge in high calorie delights that could rival those found on that show 'Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives'.
Rivalling The Classics
Roco Mamas on Malibongwe Drive is right next to a McDonalds, but I pity the fool that chooses the ol' faithful default option. Sure, the milkshakes are a disappointment - small and regretfully lacking that cocaine-like satisfaction - but the real prizes at this place are the burgers.
Warning: This is not your typical mutant burger, overloaded and overgrown. Rather, they look like something that your dad could've made. But try to hold your judgment, because once you bite into the 'smash burger', the heavens open (briefly).
Their Secret?
The secret to the burgers are the patties. Made fresh on site with no binding agents, this is pure bovine goodness at its best. It's worth noting that the service is good too, and the fries are plentiful and spiced to perfection. And at R15 for a medium portion that could earn you love-handles, the prices are reasonable too.
Not one to miss an opportunity, I stole a few ribs from my boyfriend's plate, and decided that the embarrassment of having sauce everywhere was a necessary evil in order to get that goodness inside me.
Overall, Roco Mamas has that roadhouse charm without the potential salmonella infection.
Where? Appleton's Village Centre, cnr. Hill & Malibongwe, Johannesburg
When? 10am - 10pm 
by Heather Clancy
Cruising down Malibongwe and in the mood for a high calorie diet? We ditch the local McDonald's in favour of one of Rocomamas mysterious mutant 'smash burgers'.