It's pretty much sacrilegious to live in a city and not know where to get your hands on the best prawns. I'm serious. If you can't think of one place where they make truly incredible seafood in Joburg, you should feel ashamed (and, if you say Adega, you're kidding yourself).

I know that choosing to eat seafood in Joburg is a little scary, because the fish here is either more frozen than Keanu Reeves' acting, or is probably off, due to the fact that it needed to be driven for at least six hours to Joburg, in a hot truck. But, just because we don't live by the sea does not mean we have to live without the joy that is garlic covered shell-fish. And, that is why you have to find a place that you trust, that offers up consistently great seafood every time you go there. Parreirinha in Rosetenville is that place. If you've never been there, prepared to be satisfied. Because everyone knows that if you want good seafood (or, you know, a cool spoiler for your City Golf) you go to the South.

Parreirinha has been running since 1975 and is located inside an old police station. All the original structures are still there, which means you're either eating in what used to be a very busy reception, or inside a holding cell; the rooms that are lined up along either side of the restaurant. The roof is covered in men's (or lesbians' I guess) ties. They're so laid back in there, that if you show up in a tie, you're told to take it off and hang it from the ceiling. Seems like a fair deal to me.



Of course, it doesn't matter what the place looks like, because the food will distract you from all of it. It's Portuguese in the truest sense of the word. The portions are big, greasy, covered in garlic and chilli, and taste like they were made from the original Portuguese mama. Choose your dish from the plastic, flip-file menu. They do all the traditional Portuguese food, from prawn cakes, bacalhau and espetada (Google them) to lobster soups, steaks and the best damn prawns you will ever eat. Order a giant plate of Kings, and a giant plate of chips and rice, and proceed to eat for hours. They won't mind. The waiters are helpful, the owners are friendly and the place is usually paced to the brim with regulars, smiling, singing, and talking like one, big, happy, Portuguese family. You'll never regret going to this spot. Trust me.

Parreirinha is at 9 Sixth Street, La Rochelle, Rosettenville. Call them on 011435 3809.











by Kim Garner
Parreirinha serves the best Portuguese food you'll ever eat.