One O' Ate Is Greenside's Lonely Café

One O' Ate Is Greenside's Lonely Café

The curse of the coffee shop spot has struck again. These spaces never seem to last! No matter how awesome or average the new place is, in a few months it has quietly disappeared, while neighbouring businesses flourish.

Sure, you've had a few rough nights at Bob Rocks, gone for something different to eat at Odd Café and browsed for skinny jeans at The Street, but that's usually where the Greenside strip visit ends. Then you turn back up the road to Dukes Burgers and Doppio Zero. Recently though, having had enough of the usual hangouts, I took a trip in the direction of Woolies and found a bright but lonely café.

The green chairs and striped orange walls are the only reason you'll notice One O' Ate. The colours lure me in like a magpie to metal and I grab a seat outside. There are no other customers. You could study for exams or write a novel here without distraction.



The waiters try not to look surprised at my presence, and I try not to look surprised at the menu. The prices are a bit steep considering all the broke students that frequent this street. The mushroom bruschettas (shrooms on toasted rye) sound delicious, but for R50? I move on to the fruit honey pancakes - this sounds yummy, but coughing up R40 will leave a bad taste in my mouth. The milkshake I settle for is great, but it's not something you can really get wrong. I have to go and enquire about these prices.





The friendly chef explains that all their products are fresh and they use only olive oils and the healthiest ingredients in their meals, which would naturally be a tad more expensive.





I wonder if they know they're in the least popular section of the strip … I wonder if they'll disappear as quietly as they arrived, just like the last café.

Back at the office, we take bets on how long they'll last.

Where? Gleneagles Road, Greenside, Johannesburg







by Chandré Peters
Will One O' Ate survive the Greenside coffee shop curse? We investigate.