Office Sundays

Office Sundays

Pop into The Office on a Sunday, and you won't have any work to do. We promise!

If the sound of Carte Blanche's music on a Sunday has you less than excited for the week ahead, then you have to pop into The Office to liven up your Sunday. 



DJ Juanne and Friends invite you to COMEPLAY where beautiful people gather to extend their weekends just a little bit longer at The Office in Greenside and get those last needed jams out. 





I always make sure that I get to The Office early enough to take full advantage of their half price cocktails special which ends at 7pm. I personally vote these as the best in town. I always have an ice cold strawberry daiquiri to wind down with after a large weekend. Perfect!





If you are sick of the same old vibe, and need to meet new people, this is the place to be. With true 'Jolburg' styles coming out, everyone is so friendly and you will be sure to meet like-minded people who just want to have fun and refuse to accept that the weekend is over just yet.





Each week, new DJ's serenade you with their tunes. Be sure to pop in for 'just one drink'!





10 Gleneagles Road, Greenside, Johannesburg
011 0239863





by Hayley Illing
Where DJs and half price cocktails are Sunday regulars, we got stuck in to The Office in Greenside.