Being half-greek, i grew up in a family of greek food snobs. We never ate at greek restaurants because as far as my dad was concerned he could make any of the dishes better and cheaper. However, it seems i missed the boat when it came to learning how to cook greek food.  Feeling like i needed a dose of the Meditteranean, i took a friend's advice and tried Mythos in Atholl Square (very snazzy!).


The restaurant is lovely. Its very white and blue, typically greek, modern and funky. We were escorted outside to the smoker's section. Warmed by great heaters, we started of with some good house Merlot and a thoroughly enjoyed cigarette (I'm only smoking on weekends now!).


The food is TO DIE FOR!! We started with a vegetarian mezze platter that included delicious thick pita bread, a variety of dips, dolmades, feta cheese, halloumi and more! We devoured it! For mains,  i took the charming owner's advice and ordered the lamb shank (Kleftiko) which was incredible. The meat just fell of the bone, having been cook slowly for hours. The roast potatoes were exactly right (just how i remember them being during my childhood). My man had a wonderful fillet steak that had been marinated in olive oil, origanum and lemon juice and cooked to perfection!


We finished off the meal with coffees, ice-cream and bar-one sauce AND baklava and ice-cream. All of which were good, although if i'm perfectly honest, the baklava could have been fresher.
Over all,  i give Mythos two thumbs up. Fantastic service and incredible food. Definately worth checking out.

by Helen Spiropoulos
Greek eats Greek at Mythos