Morara Wine And Spirits Emporium

Morara Wine And Spirits Emporium

Unwind with a glass of your favourite at Morara's in Soweto

Morara, which appropriately translates into grapes in Tswana, is Soweto's first Wine and Spirits Emporium. It's located at a boutique-like digs and has so much character it could easily be a headlining feature in a connoisseurs guide to uber bubblies in the south of France. But hold up! Our feet are firmly set in the hustle and bustle of Joburg. The emporium's walls are colonised by all sorts of vintages from the finest estates-local and abroad.



When descending down its stairs to the cellar cum bar area, one is engulfed by a scent of many aromas and a nostalgic air. The emporium also hosts book clubs, poetry gigs and wine tasting events. Most people who frequent Morara are either well in the know of their stuff (wine fundis) or yearn for education where that culture is concerned.





Morara's neck of the woods is populated mostly by clothing stores and office spaces. The area is one to have seen a fair dose of gentrification over the years. The emporium comes as a light-hearted addition to that mix.





Along with its events, the place is a hot spot for ad filming by agencies. This has become common place on Sundays when there isn't much activity in the CBD. This has allowed the emporium to flight its brand by taking advantage of the shoots.

Morara's long term goals are to infuse the ambience that plays out on Sundays with some jazz. The establishment has a roster of emerging and well known bands waiting in the wings as part of its festive season itinerary. The next time you feel the need to unwind with good company and great wine, the emporium awaits.





Cheers to the red, white and not so sweet.

Where? 649 Kinini Street, Mofolo Central, Soweto
Business hours - 9-5pm







by Kagiso Mnisi
Swirl and sip at Soweto's Morara Wine and Spirits Emporium