Meze Has The Best Hummus In Joburg

Meze Has The Best Hummus In Joburg

I am the most un-greek greek. Still, there is nothing like really good hummus and I tell you its not easy to find.Luckily, my food enthusiast, greek father has found the place in Joburg that makes the best hummus (among other delicious greek goodies).

It's a greek deli/cafe/bakery in Senderwood named Meze (yeah, its not known for it's originality). This amazing deli stocks the most incredible hummus I have ever tasted, not to mention fantastic goats cheese, greek yoghurt, olives, taramasalata thats creamy and delicious and greek delicacies like baklava and spanakopita (spinach pie).

Meze also serves really good gyro (the greek version of a shwarma made with pork) served with pita bread and salad. You can have a seat in the courtyard with the old greek men playing Tavli (backgammon) and drink good greek coffee (not for the light-hearted) which is served with lovely koulourakia (greek biscuits). The whole courtyard seems to be there to serve the greek community. Even the Mimmos across from Meze serves Souvlaki which is traditional greek meat-on-a-stick. Head on down to Meze on a Saturday morning and stock up on some out-of-this-world hummus along with a whole lot of other stuff you are not going to be able to resist. Yum!!

Senderwood Shopping Centre
13 Chaucer Ave

Call: 0114538761

by Helen Spiropoulos
Even to an un-greek greek, Meze's hummus is the best