Love Food

Love Food
It was an ordinary Friday morning. Eyes darted tirelessly at the office clock, wishing away the hours until the start of the weekend. Suddenly, something caught my eye.  Drifting its way tantalisingly down my 'news feed' were two words, so profound and intriguing that they simply could not be ignored. BURGER FRIDAY! 
With the swiftness of a hawk and signalling to my colleagues to follow suit, I grabbed my handbag and headed for the front door, walking with an urgency that was not to be questioned. Before you could say lunch, we were on our way to Braamfontein. Destination? Love Food, of course. 
The brand new (it opened 2 weeks ago) deli/café offers an assortment of healthy foods, all made from top quality raw ingredients. The perfectly tender, homemade patties (beef and veggie options) oozed with flavour as we smothered them in toppings of blue cheese and gherkins. 
We eagerly piled our plates high with a variety of colourful salads and sides that were laid out in a mouth-watering spread. 
We eased into our comfy surroundings with crowded plates and smiling faces. Fresh herbs sprouted from porcelain pots around us, while a small garden of cacti adorned the floor. 
Cute and quirky trinkets litter the cosy café that has only 5 or 6 tables (all filled with young, trendy types also escaping the office for an end of week lunch).  
When the last morsel has been eaten and my belly is rounded and satisfied, I begrudgingly force myself up and back to the office. Farewell, Love Food, until we meet again - next Friday. 
Where? 4 Ameshoff Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg
by Tessa Cunliffe
The affordable and healthy addition to the Braamfontein family - Love Food is a must-visit deli with buckets of charm and quirky décor.