Li Kou Fu Is Great Affordable, Asian Chow

Li Kou Fu Is Great Affordable, Asian Chow
We get it. The economy is down the toilet. It's hard enough keeping the lights on and the wind out, let alone surviving on more than white bread and noodles. But too much of a bad thing can leave you maniacal. And so, to ease the ennui without putting a strain on your already strained wallet, head to Li Kou Fu.
Previously based in Victory Park, this Asian restaurant has now taken up residence in Linden. They offer a wide range of East Asian food such as fried rice and noodle dishes, various beef, chicken, tofu and vegetable mixes as well as sushi.
But the real winner is the all you can eat buffet style meal that will set you back a mere R48 per person. And trust me when I say, you will certainly get your money's worth.
Head chef Lu Yao Wen, originally from Hangzhou in China, has decades worth of international experience in cooking. His passion, instilled in him as a young boy helping his family in the kitchen, has seen him work in five star restaurants and hotels in New York, Tokyo, Saipan and Bangkok.
In 1992 he became the first Asian chef at Sun City and after working as a head chef in several kitchens around South Africa, opened his own restaurant in 2010.
"I love South Africa and I love Johannesburg," Lu says. "I love to cook and I love to give people Asian food that is cooked properly."
It's hard to say what the best dish we tried was as, to be honest, after my fifth plate I lost track of it all. The sushi was nice without being spectacular but was worth having. The chicken dishes though, from the sweet and sour rice dish to the fried chicken with onions and sprouts, and the crispy wontons, were delicious. The miso soup was creamy and smooth and the little fried portions of tempura veggies and bananas offered a tasty munch while contemplating the next dish.
Li Kou Fu is not going to change your outlook on Asian food, but it will certainly fill you up with tasty food that won't cost you your mortgage.
Where? Corner 4th Avenue and 8th Street Linden (in the  Lemon Grove Spar complex), Johannesbur
Photographs by Brynn Lurie
by Daniel Gallan
If you're looking for Asian food made by a master chef, but that won't break the bank, look no further than Li Kou Fu in Linden.