Legato Coffee And Gift Shop

Legato Coffee And Gift Shop

Snoop around this lavish old house looking for gifts and reward yourself with a serving of their best cake afterwards

Hidden in the leafy suburbs of Springs (30 minutes from Jozi) is a delightful coffee, tea and cake haven called Legato. It's the kind of place where the locals dress up to take morning tea; pearls and all and local businessmen come to have a bite for lunch.



Legato is a big old house converted into a coffee and gift shop. Upon entering the front gate, you are greeted by a perfectly manicured garden and a lawn that could double up as a comfy carpet. Pity you can't roll it up and sneak it home with you.





Since it was morning tea, we had to order the home made lemon meringue pie. It comes in half or full portion sizes. To share the calories we went with the half portion. Well when it arrived I had to double check if they had made a mistake and given us a full portion.  'Local is lekker' and generous in this part of the woods.





I then opted for something savoury after the sugar rush and that too was a mouthful. The cottage cheese open sandwich didn't disappoint.





As inquisitive as I am, I had to go and check out all the other rooms in the house. Each room is different and named after a famous classical musician. Some rooms are reserved for eating and others filled to the brim with handmade gifts and trinkets. It's another great place to do a spot of Christmas shopping as you burn off those lemon meringue calories.


18 Roxburgh Road
Selection Park, Springs
Tel:  (011) 362 5107







by Litza Karatzoglou
Visit Legato and suburban bliss is what you'll get at the coffee and gift shop combo.