King Arabic Sandwich Makes The Best Pastries

King Arabic Sandwich Makes The Best Pastries
I heard a rumour about a new place in Mayfair: A Lebanese bakery run by refugees from Syria. I Googled but found nothing, so I turned to Facebook.
Within a few hours, the mystery was solved. The place I was looking for is not a Lebanese bakery run by Syrians, but rather a Palestinian restaurant run by Gazans. I drove to King Arabic Sandwich, at the corner of Hanover Street and 9th Avenue, the next day.
I don't really feel qualified to write a proper review of King Arabic Sandwich, as one visit is not enough for someone - especially someone who knows nothing about Palestinian food - to get a feel for what's on offer there. But I will say this: King Arabic Sandwich's pastries, which most South Africans would describe as pies but are actually so much more than that, are enough to keep me coming back. 
The delicate pastries - some oblong, some half-moon-shaped, some triangular - are sprinkled with fragrant Arabian spices and contain a variety of both meat and meatless fillings (all halal, of course). Most of the pastries sell for R25 each.
I tried the chicken with sweet pepper pastry, and my boyfriend went for the mincemeat with tomato. I washed my meal down with a cup of steaming black Arabic tea, with leaves of a mysterious green herb floating on top. 
We sat at our small table for quite a while, watching the constant flow of takeaway customers and the hijab-clad women strolling down Hanover Street with the their children.
I spoke to Mohammed and Hanan, the couple who opened King Arabic Sandwich about a year and a half ago. Our conversation was brief; Mohammed and Hanan speak limited English and they were very busy in the kitchen. But it's easy to see that these are wonderful, warm people who are working day and night to make a life for themselves and their family in South Africa. 
I asked Mohammed if there are any other Palestinian restaurants in Joburg.
"I don't know," Mohammed shrugs. "We sleep here" - he points to the kitchen - "we work here, all the time. We don't know anything else."
After our two pastries I planned to order something else, maybe hummus or a Palestinian dessert, to sample more of King Arabic Sandwich's menu. But despite the rock-bottom prices, those pastries are filling. I didn't have space for anything else. The homemade baklava will have to wait.
Where? Corner Hanover Street and 9th Avenue, Mayfair, Johannesburg
Tel: 074 292 6191
by Heather Mason
They sleep there. They work there. They don't know anything else. But the people who work at King Arabic Pies have certainly perfected their craft.