Ice Cream Sunday Goes Dope

Ice Cream Sunday Goes Dope
End of the month, usually such a happy time and for good reason - money in the bank, bills paid, extra cash to splurge. What could possibly make that sentence any better? Ice Cream Sunday - naturally. The sweetest collaboration to have formed in Jozi Town, bringing together large amounts of deliciousness, thanks to super power troops who keep the city's sugar levels up (we're grateful). Paul's Homemade Ice Cream, Dope Donuts and Unit8 (run by Prep'ed by Sasha) ensure those with a sweet tooth get their sugary fix on the last Sunday of every month. 
What to expect at Ice Cream Sunday?
Plenty of sunshine rays, gentle dappled light on your face, wooden benches and tables, bearded hipster folk, live music as well as plenty of Alt-J wafting over from the stereo - and the ice cream and donuts.
As any trendy ice cream maker knows, artisanal ice should always be served in eco-friendly containers. Paul Ballen knows this and not only serves little scoops of happiness to the ice cream hungry masses, he keeps the eco warriors happy too with ice cream scoops in mini Consol jars - sweet. They say it's always good if it's in glass and they're right.
Paul was too busy scooping to be spotted frolicking in the sunshine but he did good. Dope Donuts usually also make an appearance but they were on vay-kay this Sunday. Still, think loads of cinnamon and chocolate donut goodness. 
What to try? 
Flavours usually change monthly but a few favourites hold their place on the menu - Cereal Milk Sundae. Yes, it really tastes like milky cereal, finished off with a cereal treat bar on top - hello childhood memories. The Key Lime Pie Sundae will have citrus addicts going mental for the crunchy Gram cracker piecrust, hidden under tart scoops of creamy key lime ice cream. An Italian meringue finishes the whole vibe off properly. Artisanal coffee and craft beer are both on offer - paired well with everything. 
The Tortilla Boat makes things easy for those who think they aren't a lover of sweet things. Get your head around guacamole, roasted corn salsa and sour cream ice cream. Savoury iced delight, all in one bowl.
The Outcome
Ice Cream Sunday must be a good thing because you leave Unit8 feeling a lot happier than when you arrived. A really good dose of cereal milk will do that to a person. A word of advice though: it might prove hard to share. Actually, rather don't, cos sharing isn't caring in such a situation. Best to arrive with elasticated pants and just get stuck in.
Where & When? 
Unit8, 16 High Road, Bramley, Johannesbur
The last Sunday of every month from 11:00am - 16:00.
by Leila Saffarian
You've heard of "artisanal ice cream", right? Well Ice Cream Sundays is where you'll find that, homemade donuts and more.