Home Made Bakery

Home Made Bakery

Whatever your "flavour" is, HomeMade is guaranteed to induce a party on your palate with its savoury and sweet treats.

During a recent visit to this bakery-cum-café, I was mesmerized by the rows of cakes, biscuits, donuts and chocolate brownies. Salivating, I stood staring at the various foods like a fat kid in a candy store.



When I came to, I made my way to the other side of the store which held an ample selection of Indian delights including samoosas, pies, pizzas, curry balls and pita breads.

The inviting aroma was too much for me to bear so I grabbed a box and carefully - and very guiltily - selected one of almost everything. It all smelt and looks so good, I couldn't help myself! I grabbed a diet-coke (don't judge me!) and paid for the lot, which was really reasonable.





After taking a seat outside, I enveloped myself in a haze of delicious happiness. My favourites include the cheese and corn samoosas and the steak pies.




With plenty of personality and pizzazz, HomeMade sells the best in Western and Eastern snacks, canapés and finger foods.

Address: 59 Central Road, Fordsburg, Johannesburg






by Nadia
Home Made Bakery is where East meets West. Indulge in sweet and savoury treats.