Happy Hour Watering Hole

Happy Hour Watering Hole

If you’re anything like me, then you have, at one time or another, thrown your name away in Greenside. Back in the day when you legitimately feared losing a loose shoe to Gin’s sticky floor, when Bob Rocks was swarming with people in too much eyeliner but still made for a consistently excellent time, or when Mama’s Shebeen would play 99 Red Balloons on repeat and you’d jiggle your 17-year-old booty while chanting “Zappa is good for me”, even though you bladdy well knew it was not. 

As each of these venues, and icons of our youth, and precursor to a drunken 3am Andiccio feast closed down, we all grew up a bit and began to venture further away from the Gleneagles strip. We bid farewell, covered in pizza crumbs, fantastic memories, and sadness to other parts of our beautiful and bustling city.

Yet, one of the first and most iconic spots was left behind; The Office.

I’m an honest gal, so I’m not too nervous to tell you that I worked there for many years, made wonderful friends, made a fuck ton of money and loved most minutes of it. But I swear I am not biased. I went in yesterday because I wanted a cocktail, not because it used to be like a second home. So if anything, I’m biased towards booze.. And who isn’t.

Sissie and I sat down, settled in, perused their extensive and descriptive cocktail menu while our waiter, as fast as lightning, kept our cigarettes lit and our table spotless.

We started with the Tequila Fizzpop. Because tequila and a fizzpop.


This delightful little guy will fuck you up if you let him, but we didn’t mind. The fresh basil makes this baby a salad basically, and it was refreshing and gorgeous to drink and gorgeous to look at and as far as I know, to this day, it remains one of the absolute favourites among the regulars who frequent The Office.

I hadn’t had one of these in about a year, and was struck by the fact that despite staff coming and going, and life moving on, the cocktail tasted exactly, exactly, as I remembered it. The street may have quietened down, but the quality remains.

Next we had the Cucumber and Black Pepper Gin Fizz. It was absolutely welcomed and went down well after the Tequila Fizz Pop because it’s not too sweet. The black pepper slid from the rim and into the drink and made for a deliciously unique time.


Before we’d even finished the whimsical delight that is gin, a Gummi Berry Juice landed on our table and after fishing out the gummy bears and giggling over mouthfuls of our youth, we drank it all up and off we went on a sugar rush.


We ended off our evening with an Old Fashioned (don’t judge us for only having four cocktails, there were Jamesons scattered between each cocktail and I hate working with a hangover). The Old Fashion is my absolute favourite cocktail of all, and in my exploration of our city and her bars, I have, much to my horror, had many a one that were less than amazing. Not so at The Office, apart from Brian Lara’s version, the Old Fashion from The Office is the only one that I have ever fallen ridiculously and drunkenly in love with. It is beautifully balanced and stirred with care, and just do yourself a favour and drink one.


Off we went in our Uber, with bellies lined with tapas and minds made hazy by laughter and cocktails, discussing when next we’d be visiting for Happy Hour after work.

Happy hour times as are follows:

Moday: Closed

Tuesday-Saturday 4pm-7pm
Sundays 2pm-5pm


Get your squad, get your half price cocktails, and get back to the strip and relive your youthy youth.

by Christy Chilimigras
With The Office in Greenside