Greenside Gone ODD

Greenside Gone ODD

Looking for something a little... well odd? Greenside's newest restaurant/ bar/ art space and general social meeting spot offers you exactly that. Odd Cafe puts the unusual back into Greenside.

For the past year or so every time a space has become available in the ever-popular Greenside, a new bar or restaurant pops up. And for the most part these have been fairly cool and fun, but also fairly similar and unremarkable. oDD café is the exception.




oDD café immediately stands out, partly because the building that it's in has been covered with graffiti and partly because it just a little, well odd… The café itself is charming and quirky, with tables spilling onto the pavement and lots of little bits and pieces to keep you interested. It's modelled on a theme of 'urban regeneration', and everything is recycled and reused; with lamps made out of buckets, an old telephone booth and chairs covered with coffee sacks.






Part of what makes it different is that it feels young and cool; with art exhibitions in the back and downstairs which are by contemporary funky artists, and which will change every month or so. It feels like a cross between a European coffee shop and a trendy Greenside bar, and is definitely a place where you can (in the words of the owners; Christina and Oresti Patricios) "just chill… that's what it's all about".






The menu is a bit limited, offering mainly a range of sandwiches and tapas, but the food is incredible. The combinations are unusual - we had an olive and feta sandwich on bruschetta, and a haloumi, sweet chilli and avo sandwich in a panini - both were delicious and exquisitely presented on breadboards. And both were definitely worth coming back for. The drinks on offer vary; from home-made lemonade (my new favourite!) to avo milkshakes, a licensed bar, and a range of coffees.





oDD café combines visual and taste sensations to give you a fully satisfying experience; it is "a new design, art, café culture, coffee and Mediterranean taste sensation" says Christina Patricios, "It's all about a multi sensorial experience, yet making people feel at home". While you're sipping your favourite drink and nibbling on something scrumptious you can also get your fill of culture and visual satisfaction.






oDD Café is definitely not your usual Greenside watering-hole; next time you're in the mood for some good food, art and relaxation head over for a great, if odd, experience!





Whose tried Odd Cafe yet? What did you love or unlove about it? Spill all below:

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by Jess Roussos
New to the ever-popular, cool and fun Greenside, ODD café is the exception to the usual.