Greenside's Soda (And Sushi) Bar

Greenside's Soda (And Sushi) Bar
If there's one thing you can be sure of in this world - it's that Greenside will have a new bar open up each and every month - we know the strip, we know the vibe, we know this is a given. We also always hope that some of these guys will stick it out, fight the good fight and beat the dreaded Greenway Avenue Curse - you know the one, where places open for a few months then disappear without so much as a goodbye. 
It hurts BUT we're rooting for the latest newb to stick it out, to break the curse... Say hi to Soda - Cocktail & Sushi Bar.
Soda is ticking all the right things off the list to beat said curse - they're off to a good start.
- Small and intimate setting - tick.
- Décor that could surely be described as 'trendy' - yes, tick.
- Combining cocktails with sushi - tick, tick.
- Flashes of neon lighting that aren't quite a Tom Cruise 'Cocktail' replica (please, somebody reading this must be old enough to understand the reference) - but close enough - tick.
Now we know what you're thinking - "not another place serving another kak strawberry daiquiri". Yeah, we hear you but this is where Soda is creating their own vibe. The menu offers flashes of hope with unique flavour combos.
Order sushi from the upstairs bar because apparently sushi and cocktails are the new bread and butter. Let's be honest, everybody loves a decent salmon rose or twenty.
Our Must-Tries:
- Watermelon Slush - Premium vodka, fresh watermelon cubes and watermelon liqueur, blended with strawberry juice - yes, exactly.
- Battleship Blue - fresh blueberries, in a jam jar, vodka, Red Bull Light and Blue Curacao - it isn't a pink drink.
- Banoffee Toffee
- Lindt Mint
- Nutella Pancake
Where? 139, Greenway Avenue, Greenside, Johannesburg
When? Tuesday - Saturday: 18:00 - 02:00. Sunday: 14:00-21:00. Monday: Closed. 
Why? Soda has invented their own multicolored cocktails so help them break the Greenway Avenue Curse.
Digits: 082 320 7047 
by Leila Saffarian
Greenway Avenue in Greenside is cursed to see a string of bars close before their time. We popped by Soda Bar and Sushi to help make sure that doesn't happen.