Great Dane

Great Dane
Kitchener's new neighbour has plenty of reasons for a late night
Braamfontein gets better and better. Great Dane is the newest in a long line of fantastic developments on de Beer Street. This beautiful venue right next to Kitchener's (it shares the back alleyway) is on the site of where "Jimmys Inn" used to be.
The venue itself is has two attractions which you should see just because they exist. First is the floor of 5 cent coins, the rumours are that it's R8000 worth of these coins. Second is the aforementioned alleyway, which has instead of a roof a multitude of lampshades beaming delicate light down on the many beautiful people under them. Unfortunately the alleyway is blocked off from Kitchener's with a flimsy fence and this creates a real sense of disconnection and a "this is our alleyway NOT yours" vibe. 
It is a small concern though and nothing which should stop you from enjoying this environment. There are delicious snacks and a DJ booth which was pumping out Kwaito on the opening night, but has varied from Glitch to Indie to Hip hop over the last few days that it has been open. I have no doubt that the multitude of hip kids in Johannesburg will find every excuse to spend late nights there. 
Where? de Beer Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg
Gert 0823325772
Stephan 0823326660

Photos by: Frances van Jaarsveldt and Dirk Chalmers
by Brett Rogers
With money on the floor and sobering gourmet hotdogs, Great Dane is the big dog in town.


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