Gourmet Garage

Gourmet Garage

Fuel pumps, classic cars and retro racing gear… Gourmet Garage 24 Central is every grown man's little boy dream.

Sitting down and being served an ice-cold draught almost instantly already gave me a good feeling about this place. After admiring the décor, we ordered our starters, expecting the usual  - something small to nibble on while waiting forever for the main course. To my surprise we receive a massive plate of nachos together with chicken strippers and jalapeno slammers. First time I ever had to ask to take my starter home in a doggy bag.



While trying to recover from those starters, main course arrived. Burgers are their speciality, and they are gigantic. The Garage Burger boasts 2 enormous pure beef patties, pineapple and a full breakfast in between two buns. My lady friend ordered a fillet steak, which was beautifully grilled. We took a look at the sheer size of everything and thought, WTF!?!





This place is awesome. If you're feel more than peckish come lunch or dinner, or just want to soak up the atmosphere, check out the décor and have some drinks, this is the spot. A warning, though, the food at 24 Central may cause both your taste buds and belly to explode.

Where?  24 Central, Corner of Fredman Drive and Central Avenue, Sandton, Johannesburg

by Renard van Blerk
Retro burger heaven Gourmet Garage's portions are not for the faint of heart. Come hungry.