Gilroy's Brewery Serves Beer By The Barrel

Gilroy's Brewery Serves Beer By The Barrel

Expect hand crafted beer, a sunny countryside setting and hospitality by the barrel load.

Sometimes you just need it!  You don't want it. You need it.  A pint of cold beer straight from the tap and beaming with character, colour and calories.



Steve Gilroy's brewery, pub and beer garden is set in the Muldersdrift countryside close to home and there you can sample his wares consisting of beer brews, ales and more. Steve is usually around, chatting to customers, making entertaining impromptu speeches and giving away his secret recipes. He looks like a mixture between Father Christmas and Kingsley Holgate so he is hard to miss in the crowd. These characteristics makes you kind of want to hug him, let him pat you on the head and feed you beer. The white haired, jolly man knows beer and wants to share it with everybody.





Now for more on the important stuff: the beer.  Ales and lagers are hand crafted at the brewery using natural ingredients. The smoothness and flavour make all the difference. Gilroy's produces a premium lager as well as three variants of ale namely the Gilroy Favourite which is light, the ruby ale named Gilroy Traditional and the Gilroy Serious which is rich, strong and lives up to its title. Everyone's got their preference. Mine is the Traditional.





Gilroy's is not only known for its happiness on tap but also for its pies. The brewpub serves a menu full of delicious food and pies are their specialty. They are also homemade and infused with the beer that compliments the fillings best.  The beef and onion pie is a winner and must be washed down with a pint of the best

Gilroy's makes up part of the Ngwenya Glass Village. On the property, you can also  browse through the glass showroom and even witness some glass blowing, there are numerous market stalls dotted along the lawn selling gifts, clothes, candles, decorations, plants and more. Zest restaurant lies beneath the trees near the brewery too and there are many distractions for kids.





Gilroy's claims to be 120 years behind the times and they're proud of it. And rightly so. Their beer is crafted in the old fashion way and their hospitality is tops too. The country style setting is just the place to relax with friends and indulge. Do it!





19 Nickel Street, just off the M34, Muldersdrift
Call us on 011 796-3020 or 073 357-2897
Steve Gilroy also hosts a humorous beer tour on Saturday mornings. Bookings are essential.





by Kelly Kidson
Gilroy's Brewery serves happiness on tap. Pay 'em a visit for one of their famous pies, best washed down with a pint of the good stuff.