Family Friendly Fast Food At Cafe Buccacio

Family Friendly Fast Food At Cafe Buccacio
Hidden a stone's throw from the inner city's Ghandi Square is one of Jozi's bestkept secrets; a small Italian named, Greek owned, yet very South African, restaurant named Cafe Buccacio. One of the cool things about this little mum and pop's spot is that it's literally that; a family owned mum and pop's joint. In this part of the city, where fast food joints pepper the streets, that's a rarity.
The space has called the city its home for over 16 years and brings a much appreciated personal feel to the mass produced, super-sized menu Jo'burgers generally feed off. Everything (from its barely-there-music to its non-imposing staff and its menu -which ranges from light meals to homemade cakes and curries) reminds one of being at home.
The owners are the first to admit, however, that being in the city centre hasn't been a piece of cake (so to speak).
"This used to be a very gritty and violent area," says Valtsa Psomotragos. "Even today being here has its difficulties, with Rea Vaya construction and so forth. But still, we love the city and wouldn't want to move."
I caught up with some of the patrons to hear their views:
Gareth: "This place is very warm, it's like having your grandparents cook for you. You have to try the carrot cake!"
Hannelie: "If you come here once you'll come again - because of the quality of the food and the service."
Where? 35 Rissik St, (Cnr Fox), CBD, Johannesburg
by Nolan Stevens
Nolan Stevens discovers a genuine family restaurant called Café Buccacio, in the thick of Gandhi Square's fast food rumble.