Eat Your Kosher Heart Out

Eat Your Kosher Heart Out
Having seen mouth-watering pictures on Eat Your Heart Out's Facebook page, I was curious to try out this newish little deli in the Maboneng Precinct. And then I found out it was kosher. 
As a bacon-loving Jew who finds kosher food one of the least appealing things on this earth, I tried not to let this knowledge affect my lunch plans. Don't get me wrong, Jewish food is great, but I prefer it when it isn't made to god's tasteless specifications. 
It's 13:30 on a Friday afternoon when I make my way over to the rustic little place with mismatched chairs and heart shapes all 'round. It's starting to fill up with a mixture of people - hipster kids are furiously typing on laptops, couples are on dates and heavily tattooed kids are shovelling down sweet treats. 
My growling belly responded to the overwhelming smell of a homely kitchen, reminiscent of my granny's fry-ups. Latkas, macon and eggs, bagels - all the best in Jew food. I couldn't resist the traditional hot pastrami on rye. 
Had this kosher knowledge not been swimming around my brain prior to biting down, I'd never have known the difference. For those of you still unsure of just why I'm anti-kosher (particularly with meat), it's because it's drained of all the juicy and delicious bits. 
I wolfed down my highly stacked sandwich, topped with sauerkraut and smeared with mustard so hot it made my eyes water - I decided I needed to come back to this place as soon as possible.
286 Fox Street
Photographs by Dirk Chalmers
by Dirk Chalmers
An unexpected deli in the Maboneng Precinct where you're expected to Eat Your Heart Out


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