Drink Your Food At Bliss Juicery

Drink Your Food At Bliss Juicery
If you feel like you need a bit of a health kick, like you're actually going to stick to any thoughts of being the 'best you' this year, or you just like drinking liquidised fruit and veg, go to Bliss Juicery. It's Joburg's first cold-pressed juice delivery company and now calls a small shop in the Colony Centre home. 
The fact that their juices are cold-pressed is the real winner here. Basically, this process ensures that the essential enzymes and nutrients from the produce are kept intact, whereas regular juicers, which run at a high speed that produces heat, can break the nutrients down, meaning you don't get as much benefit from them. So Bliss got it right. Also, they haven't snuck any nasties into their products - they're all free from added sugars, preservatives, flavourants and colourants. 
The store's main focus is cleanses - they offer three or five day options, which comprise six 500ml fruit, veg and nut drinks per day. Everything's been worked out with a nutritionist so don't fret - these guys know what they're doing and will give you advice pre, during and post-cleanse. Also, I should probably mention now that these juice fasts are not just about losing weight. They're about feeling lighter and better, having more energy, boosting your immune system, giving your digestive system a break and making you sleep like a log. Plus, if you're super sluggish, they'll even deliver your cleanse to your home before 9:30 in the morning if you live within a 15km radius of Craighall. What's your excuse now?
Fine. You're sceptical. Food is good. Great, even. You're not ready to give up solid eats for a couple of days. No matter - you can still visit Bliss Juicery. Pop in and take your pick from the fridge or call and order from their lengthy menu. Just to get those salivary glands working, here are some of the juices on offer: 
Root Boost: beetroot, pear and cucumber
Vanilla Almond Milk: almonds, filtered water, vanilla bean, Himalayan salt, dates
Earth 01: carrot, apple, parsley, lime and ginger
Greens 03: kale, spinach, cos lettuce, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon
How healthy does that sound? Plus they sell coconut water and wheatgrass shots if your energy levels need even more help. 
So check it out, whether you're going for the full shebang or are just looking for a little pick-me-up in between meals. You'll be warmly welcomed by the passionate mother daughter team behind the brand. 
Where? Colony Centre, Ground Floor, 325 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall Park, Johannesbur
When? Mondays to Fridays: 09:00 - 17:00, Saturdays: 10:00 - 13:00 
Tel: 073 131 4006
Photographs by Anele Khoza
by Nicole Samakosky
Why eat it when you can drink it? Welcome to Joburg's first cold-pressed juice delivery company.