Drink Like The Irish For Less At The Irish Club

Drink Like The Irish For Less At The Irish Club
"You tell those bastards this is a nice fokking place..." Mick the owner of the Irish Club in Linden tells me after Vida tipped him off that I was doing a review of the place (he's the guy wearing the blue shirt standing next to his wife). 

Let's face it - we're all Irish, right? Even if you're not, you are. Regardless of your presumable origin at the foot of Africa, once you step onto the premises of the Irish Club, you will notice your blood turning green. 

Situated on the outskirts of Linden, this haven for expats and Joburgers alike has been breathing life into the lungs of the drinking community for something close to 13 years. 

The local authority recently tried to revoke the establishment's liquor licence because they were selling alcohol at a borderline low price to non-members - the place is in actual fact a tennis club. What Mick and his clever staff did was had its patrons sign membership forms and become lifetime members of the Irish Club for R20 a pop, which covers the cost of a laminated membership card. Smart people, the Irish... which you are a part of, of course. 

The beauty of the Irish Club is the fact that you can walk in there with a R50 note and stagger out tipsy on a selection of 5 house brews and whatever sludge the SAB is serving. If you're a fan of whiskey, you'd be in awe of the poor man's Scotch, Hanky Banister, at R9 a shot.

I implore you to put that shitty cider down and order a Guinness at the Irish, and ask Mick to tell you about that one time he went to go watch the Ireland vs. South Africa rugby game in Dublin - it's drink-time entertainment at its best. 

Of course, there's food to line those stomachs with and it's of the pub kind. And yes, the food prices manage to compete with the drinks - they're dirt cheap. 

Where? Corner Salerno Road and 5th Avenue, Linden

by Shawn Greyling
Head to the Irish Club in Linden with a far-from-fat wallet, knock back a couple of beers and fill yourself up with some dirt cheap food. You'll love it.