Dinner Club à la Love Food

Dinner Club à la Love Food
Joburg's gotta be the food capital of South Africa. I don't think in my 21 years I've eaten out as much as I have since coming here six months ago. Portuguese bakeries, curry houses, Thai restaurants devoted to tofu, coffee shops... So, while I was not terribly surprised at how scrumptious the food at Love Food is, I was surprised at how quickly it dethroned the places on my Top Five list. 
The team has expanded this year to include two other phenomenal chefs-who-also-serve, Bonnie and Margie; a barista whose coffee is worth writing home about; and a friendly sculler who couldn't quite contain her excitement about the event. 
The philosophy of the restaurant is to provide quick, healthy, wholesome food to its patrons who comprise students, businessmen and the lone wolves who prowl Braamfontein. 
All recipes are family hand-me-downs; loved, cherished and used to disarm any person who walks in expecting to be unimpressed by Jamie and her team. 
But let's talk food.
Friday was the first of their monthly dinner club events. The starter was a wild mushroom parcel on ciabatta. Thank god Jamie informed me that the paper bit of the parcel wasn't edible. It looked good. I might have taken a bite. 
The main meal was a beef fillet with the most amazing horse radish sauce and baby vegetables, but for us vegetarians the fillet was replaced with two succulent fritters. 
Dessert was a delicate scoop of vanilla ice cream and a piece of date pudding with caramel sauce. Similar in appearance to malva pudding, less sweet and crispier on top, it was unforgettable. All topped off with a cappuccino, which sent me home so caffeinated that at 11pm I started reorganising my room. Love Food's first supper club was a roaring success. 
To be held on the first Friday of every month; if you're in need of an evening with fantastic food and a lovely atmosphere, I'll see you there. 
Find Love Food at 4 Ameshoff Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg
by Thea de Gruchy
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