Dicks Sweets Are A Treat

Dicks Sweets Are A Treat

Traditional sweet manufacturers Dicks have been keeping it sugary since 1938.
Nostalgia is a powerful thing. When I was little my grandfather, who had a sweet tooth, swore by one company alone when it was time to get his fix - Dicks sweets. Once you've stopped sniggering about the admittedly unfortunate name, let me tell you that no finer treats exist. As I grew older, at times I craved my childhood favourites, Dicks' Acid Drops and Lime Squares. But I assumed that, like many old-school businesses that put craftsmanship before the bottom line, it had closed down by now.



So imagine my joy when my dad informed me that Dicks Sweets are still going, and, even better, they have a shop in Northcliff selling their wares. It turns out that the company never shut down, they just went under the radar for a while, continuing to produce sweets at their factory, until public demand led them to recently set up a store selling directly to the public.





In a world dominated by corporations, with most of the sweets you can buy coming from massive multi-nationals like Nestle and Cadbury, the value of a small, family-run business that has been going since 1938 should not be underestimated. All the sweets are handcrafted, and incredibly cheap - my beloved Acid Drops and Lime Squares are still available, and they're a ridiculous R7.50 a packet. Nougat, fudge, cluster sweets, rock candy and gums are also available to name a few. Oh, and they also sell some great savoury products now, including awesome Wasabi-coated peanuts, which are not for the faint of heart (I tricked our social media guru Sizwe into eating one. He was not impressed).





I am told that the gelatin used by Dicks is Halaal but unfortunately not vegetarian friendly. The Lime Squares, Acid Drops and more are safe for vegetarians though! The shop can be found at the Impala Centre, corner of Beyers Naude Drive and Hocky Avenue, Northcliff, and as your attorney I strongly advise you to head over and stock up.

Where? Corner Beyers Naude Drive and Hockey Avenue, Northcliff, Johannesburg


by Daniel Friedman
Despite the unfortunate name, Dicks in Northcliff make the best sweets of all time. Serious.