Cyrildene Is The Home Of Chinese Shopping

Cyrildene Is The Home Of Chinese Shopping

So I clearly have China on the brain, but this weekend after visiting my folks for lunch I went past Cyrildene and popped into a few of the Chinese supermarkets. I knew that stuff is cheap there but I forgot exactly how cheap! Holy shit! Fresh Udon noodles for R4.50 a packet, sushi seaweed for R10 and sushi ginger for R12 a jar. Not to mention fresh tofu for R1.50 a block and smoked tofu for R10 per packet. I mean in Woollies you would pay four or five times these prices if not more! You can get the best sweet chilli sauce in huge bottles and delicious Chinese dumplings (frozen and ready to be steamed/fried).

The vibe is cool too. There are rad veggie stalls outside the shops selling all sorts of weird and wonderful Chinese veggies including bokchoy and Chinese cabbage. They also sell big bunches of coriander for less than R5 and bunches of garlic chives and spring onions. For the less adventurous, you can get normal veggies like cauliflower and broccoli too.

And then if you get peckish while doing your shopping, you can pop into a restaurant and have some spring rolls or noodles. I can't guarantee that all the restaurants are good but I can recommend the Thai restaurant, Sai Thai and the Fisherman's Plate certainly used to be excellent. Shopping in Cyrldene is a fun, cheap way to do you Saturday shopping trip. Check it out.

by Helen Spiropoulos
China Town in Cyrildene is the home of all things Asian. We went to check out some of the shopping that can be done as well as the food that can be munched.