Cubana Serves Latino For Lunch

Cubana Serves Latino For Lunch
Cubana touts itself as the only authentic Latin Social Café in South Africa, and are quite honest about the food being secondary to the social atmosphere. 
They are big on cocktails (with a rather epic section of the menu being to devoted to these, as well as some evil looking shooters), and also stock an extensive range of cigars. That being said, the food is not half bad either. And compared to the drinks, quite reasonably priced. 
We paid them a visit on a rather random Wednesday night, so there were none of the celebrity sightings they threaten you with on their website - in fact there may have been more staff than customers - but I can imagine it gets quite full on the weekends. 
Our table of three opted to share a portion of nachos as a starter. These are by far the best thing on the menu, and come in 'Godmother' (R45) and 'Godfather' (R85) plain portions, which you then add extra toppings to at an additional cost if you choose. We had the 'Godfather' size with chipotle mince, which was actually far too much food as a starter. It was delicious nonetheless. 
The main meals were slightly less inspiring, with the chicken and steak dishes ordered by my partners in crime being declared merely "okay." My basket of chicken strips, chicken wings and jalapeno poppers was pretty good though. There are no desserts available, but I had a Choc Chip Cookie dessert cocktail and it more than did the trick. Yum.
Find out more at The Fourways branch is located at Cedar Square Centre and can be contacted on 011 465 7317.
by Belinda Glenn
The food may be secondary to the social atmosphere but Cubana's Godfather-sized nachos leave no space for mains!