Contessa’s High Tea

Contessa’s High Tea

It's high time you have tea in a very queenly or kingly fashion. And The Contessa Tea Shop has gone the distance to make sure they recognise the king and queen in you.

Situated just around the corner from Rivonia's shopping district, the Contessa Tea Shop was the first of its kind in 2005. This tea room is a dream for the fan of the period-piece film, donning red-and-white striped wallpaper, elaborately framed mirrors of various shapes and sizes, and vintage photos and paintings. The shelf in the corner boasts old, hardcover books to the tune of Charles Dickens, and a host of other revered, popular names. And old-fashioned suitcases and Twinings tea cans are used as ornaments.



And if you're into tea tasting and that kind of stuff, the tea at Contessa is served up in a traditional Asiatic glass pot - Asiatic meaning that it comes from Asia. But that type of detail is for the true tea connoisseur who would salivate at such a sight. For virgins, who just want to enjoy a hot beverage in pretty environment, the floral porcelain is more than enough eye-candy. Ahem, I take that back...your eyes will proceed you, especially when you see the selection of flavours that sits at an impressive 92! Your taste buds will dance upon sampling coconut snow, caramel rum, Russian caravan, and some of the other teas in this room. Luckily, there is a tea tasting service where you can sample 6 flavours. Add a slice of chocolate coconut cake, and the party in your mouth will have to be stopped by the flavour police.

But you're not just limited to tea and cake. The Contessa Tea Shop menu does take a small departure from its name, by including a range of breakfasts (07h30 - 11h30) and lunches (12h00 - 16h00). And caffeine addicts can breathe easier knowing that there are espressos, lattes and all that mojo enhancing stuff.





So if you're keen to grab a book and a cuppa in a pleasant environment, check these guys out Monday to Fridays from 7:30-16:30 and Saturday from 8:00-15:00. On Sundays they don't open up shop, sorry for you.

Contessa Tea Shop is at Shop 2a Rivonia Corner Shopping Centre, 11th Avenue and Rivonia Boulevard, Johannesburg. Check them out at

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by Thandie Dowery
Treat yourself to a tea tastings at Contessa.