Citizen Café Satisfies Your Coffee Craving

Citizen Café Satisfies Your Coffee Craving
I'm a great believer in never driving more than five minutes for a good cup of coffee. Why? Well, primarily because I just so happen to live within five minutes of good coffee, but also because having to sit in traffic and be harassed at robots rather ruins the simple delight that good coffee creates. I do believe though, that I have found an exception.
Situated just off Jan Smuts, Citizen Café took over from Café 1145 a month and a half ago. Rebranded in the spirit of Alanis Morrisette's Citizen of the Planet (click here if you don't know what I mean), the café is the perfect place for the Blairgowrie community (and those sitting in traffic to get there) to meet, create and eat good food. 
The creative force behind the space is Richard Thomson, who decided to take a break from the corporate world, fashioning Citizen Café as an extension of his own innovative lifestyle. 
With the help of A 2nd Life and Melkweg Studios, Citizen Café has been turned into a visual treat, with lampshades made out of green tin cups and walls covered in pictures of the cityscape. 
Richard and his partner, Johnny, plan to create a menu that is simple yet delicious, and inspire their customers by routinely changing the décor and the menu to reflect the ever-changing nature of Joburg's landscape. 
Already proving a hit with the local community, and in particular cyclists rewarding themselves after a morning ride, Citizen Café is definitely going to become a firm favourite of any Joburger in need of WiFi, Florence And The Machine on vinyl, and baked cheese cake. 
101 Conrad Drive, Corner Hillcrest Road, Blairgowrie, Johannesbur
by Thea de Gruchy
We went to go check out Citizen Café in Blairgowrie to test the coffee and cheesecake.


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