Boundless City Is An Escape Into Town

Boundless City Is An Escape Into Town
Boundless City is a new hangout spot at the centre of the city on Fox Street, a skip from Ghandi Square.
This is no ordinary place, everything is handmade by owner Alexandra Cunningham and Andries Mkhatshwa. From the benches to the artsy painted walls, to the brick layered bar and cushions. This bar/lounge is what she calls 'a community development space', where she wants everyone who comes in to experience a home away from home.
Open from Monday to Thursday, from 7am to 7pm, Friday to Saturday from 7am to 2am and Sundays from 7am to 10pm, you have to wonder if Cunningham ever finds time to rest? "I love serving people, I don't feel like I'm working here." That's another level of dedication, no doubt.
Alex moved to South Africa from New York as a student three years ago, finished her schooling at Wits, went back to America, graduated from NYU, then took the first flight back out to South Africa just three days later. "I have travelled a lot, none of the other places felt like home," she said.
This place is on the first floor of the quiet and unsuspecting side of town, the patio is still being renovated, only hosting two tables for interested DJs, plants and an old wheelbarrow. 
She stresses that there is still much to be done to the place leading to the official launch on the 29th of August.
Cunningham has noble intentions for this spot, outside just being an entertainment area for the young and funky. Her passion and desire to serve and make a difference is evident in how she makes every corner of the room accessible to her audience to indulge and exchange without holding back.
"We have created this space not just to enrich ourselves, but to empower the youth, change perceptions of people about the city and create powerful institutions with fellow local community members through networking here. I want you to come here, have a meal, meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, start your own or develop your own business and feel empowered."
Boundless City is to host DJs and live bands; managed by the Head of Sound and Entertainment, Pule Mathebula, poetry sessions and art exhibitions. With only a month under its belt, and so much activity and life around it, we can only imagine what it will be like a year in.
If you're looking for a warm, homely place where you can sit around a fire, play games with friends and strangers, have adequate Wi-Fi access, fix your eyes on a good read, grab a chow from the mouth-watering but cheap menu, or just go downtown and experience the depth of the city, Boundless is the place.
Where? 129, Fox Street, Johannesburg
When? Monday - Thursday: 07:00 - 19:00, Friday - Saturday: 07:00 - 2:00 and Sunday: 07:00 - 22:00
by Xola Meslane
For those looking for an escape into the city, Boundless City is a new space run by California-born Alex Cunningham.