Bob Rocks (It Right)

Bob Rocks (It Right)

The ever-cool Greenside strip has a brand-new bar, called Bob Rocks, and it's well worth visiting.

We don't know about you, but we spend a lot of time in Greenside. It's like the new Melville, packed to the brim with bars and restaurants that bring the fun all night long. And now, the ever trendy Greenside strip has added another bar to its books. Bob Rocks is on Greenway, next door to Bite (where Addictions used to be). Yes, it's called Bob Rocks. No, we don't approve.



But, even though the name leaves a lot to be desired, the bar does everything a good bar should: serves alcohol. Of course, it doesn't end there. The space is small and intimate, complete with tables sticking out from the wall, and sofas and coffee tables in the back. The fully-stocked, well-staffed bar offers a place to prop yourself up until the early hours. And, they serve food that is better than most bars' food. Choose from finger foods like chicken wings and spring rolls, or munch on main meals like burgers, Prego rolls and fish and chips. You won't be disappointed.





Bob Rocks doesn't take itself too seriously. It's not super trendy or cool, even though it still looks swish enough to have your fancy birthday party in. It doesn't have some electro DJ ripping up the decks in the back. Instead, if serves cold beer and good snacks, it has a few comedy posters on the wall, and it plays 90's back-lash sing-along tunes that you love, even though you pretend you don't. Try it out, before it becomes packed and rowdy like the rest of Greenside.

137 Greenway Road, Greenside, Johannesburg. Open late on weekends.

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by Kim Garner
Greenside has a new hole in the wall, it’s called Bob Rocks and it's a bar worth visiting.