Boat Sandwiches

Boat Sandwiches

Think your mom makes the best saamies in the world? Think again. Welcome to Boat.

Try to remember the best sandwich you've ever had.  Maybe it was made by your mommy. Maybe it was covered in cheese and dripping with sauce. Maybe it was on bread so soft, if you weren't eating it, you would have been sleeping on it. Now, multiply the goodness of that saamie by a hundred and you might have the slightest idea of how good the sandwiches at Boat, in 44 Stanley, are. Welcome to the best thing between sliced bread.


I love sandwiches. And not in that, 'Yeah, ok I'll eat one' kind of way. In that, 'Ohmygod, if I don't eat delicious goodies and bread right now I might die' kind of way. I'm basically Joey from Friends, but without the chest hair. That's why, when I discovered Boat a while ago, I made it my mission to make sure I go there at least once a month. So far, so good.

Boat is situated in the ever-trendy 44 Stanley, which means you'll need to weave your way around well-dressed graphic designers and art directors to get there, but it's worth it in the end. They dish up their saamies from a hole in the wall in 44's courtyard, so you can get a take away, or you can sit in the sun with the rest of Joburg's cool kids, and munch away there. Pick your bread - croissants, rye or ciabatta, toasted or not, large or small - and then pick your filling from their mouth-watering menu. I recommend the Tricolore - smoked mozzarella, avo and balsamic dressing. Don't eat it around friends; this is not the kind of food you share. Of course, they also offer other joys like smoked salmon, gypsy ham and cheddar, pastrami and pickles, and roast peppers with goat's cheese, among many others.





Before you leave, make sure you hook yourself up with a Portuguese pastry, like their extra good pasteis de nata (which is just a fancy word for custard tarts) or those long doughnut things you get at Lusito Land that no-one in my office remembers the name of. Oh well.

If you can never get your hands on something cheap, cheerful and deliciously moreish for lunch, get to Boat. You can thank me later.

Where? 44 Stanley Avenue, Milpark, Johannesburg

Call 011 482 7793.







by Kim Garner
Boat at 44 Stanley makes the best saamies since your school tuck shop.