Bite In Greenside

Bite In Greenside

A bite with delight

First impression:
Bite is a funky little Asian fusion restaurant off the main road inGreenside. It's the kind of place you could imagine in an uber cool,trendy road in London or New York.
 The retro Asian design and lighting sets the mood for a relaxed and casual dining experience.
On to the food:
The menu is well designed - something I always enjoy when eating out. See, I think that as a brand,  the menu forms part of your first experience with the food.

My order included:
Chicken and Mushroom Tom Yum Sum soup: it's winter and it's the first thing I could think of ordering. For the ridiculous price of R19 I was expecting a mini soup bowl, but was rather served a huge white ceramic bowl of the stuff.
It was flippin' fantastic! The chicken was so tender and the soup had a distinct sweet and sour lemony taste... highly recommended!
Ebi Prawn Chilli Udon: Described on the menu as fried udon noodles with eight prawns, Shiitake mushrooms, peppers, and lemon grass, in a sauce made from fresh chillies, ginger and sea salt.

The new-to-my-vocabulary Udon Noodles are thick noodles that arrived mixed with the veggies with the prawns on top. I had absolutely no complaints with this dish. It's also a safe dish for those with a more mild palette.

Blackened Fillet Pepper Steak: a cubed fillet in soya and oyster sauce charged at R64.00. The dish is big and round ... kind of like a tear (or speech bubble...for those poetry-minded folk). The cubed beef is served with stacked lettuce. I really liked this style, as beef is quite a heavy dish and the lettuce on the side is refreshing and eases the digestion.

The taste: soft, tender and simply delicious. I feel like I'm being bribed with all these compliments, but it's really a great dish..
The Sushi:

The  back of menu is dedicated to sushi. Those that stand out include Spicy Tuna California Vegetarian - carrot instead of salmon - and Salmon and Tuna Rose-shaped sushi . I always judge sushi by the sashimi, which was as good as any I've ever had. I enjoyed the variety and creativity of the choices available. Bite adds their own interpretation on their sushi.

This restaurant offers a variety of dishes which will suit meat eaters, the sea fooder and definitely vegetarians, since it includes noodle dishes, rice dishes, fish and meat. The sushi menu is huge and offers a creative mix of choices.

The price is what makes this place stand out, as the dishes have a look and taste of a high street restaurant but a dinner for two will set you back approximately R 100 with a starter. The place has a casual appeal and you could easily come eat here in your lunch break and have a satisfying light and healthy lunch for under R50.

If you have high expectations of your food, like a contemporary environment and hate pretentious eating places then this place is for you. I rate this place highly and recommend you check it out. Please come back for comments of your own.


by Editor
Bite is a funky little Asian fusion restaurant off the main road in Greenside. The kind of place you’d expect to find in London or New York.