Bean There Coffee Roastery

Bean There Coffee Roastery

Speciality Coffee Culture takes Jozi by storm

Coffee culture is clearly growing in Jozi. The coolest place to be seen is Vida-E Cafe...or so it seems. And despite the fact that I grewup with a coffee fanatic father (he's greek, go figure), I don't know all that much about what makes good coffee. I decided to speak to a real coffee connoisseur, Jonathan Robinson and check out his speciality coffee company (and shop), Bean There Coffee Roastery at 44 Stanley Ave.

Bean There is perfectly set in 44 Stanley Ave. It is trendy and fashionable, but also warm and welcoming. This place is not a restaurant. Its a coffee shop. The serve delicious brownies and cheese cake and muffins but no cooked food. Jonathan's passion is coffee..African coffee to be specific. Why? Because coffee comes from Africa! Duh! Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee, for goodness sake! Why on earth are we drinking Italian coffee (which is grown in Africa and then flown to Italy) instead of getting it straight from Africa? This is why Bean There only serves Fair trade African coffee.

And the coffee is fantastic! I tried an iced coffee, which is not on the menu as Jonathan says it needs perfecting. I thought it was lovely. A real iced coffee, none of that coffee milkshake bullshit...just espresso, milk, ice and vanilla.  Jonathan then insisted that I try the cappuccino To make sure I didn't return to work vibrating from too much caffeine, I opted for the decaf. Bean There only uses the carbon dioxide method of extracting the caffeine. This method is natural and it ensures that the coffee retains its full flavour.  I never ever would have guessed that my cappuccino was decaf...amazing.

I cheekily asked Jonathan where the best place to go for coffee in Jo'burg is...besides Bean There. To my surprise, he said Park Cafe in Parkwood as well as Nice in Parkhurst. He then admitted with a smile than Nice sources their coffee from Bean There.

So what I really wanted to know was how I can make a great cup of coffee at home. Jonathan said there are four important things to remember. Firstly, fresh, clean water that is not quite boiling (it scorches the coffee if its boiling). The Second thing is getting the right grind of coffee for the implement you're using to make the coffee. The grind is different for a plunger and a stove top coffeemaker. Fancy that! The fresher the coffee, the better (buy African!). The right amount of coffee is important. More is better, according to Jonathan. And finally, the coffee needs to soak for four minutes when using a plunger. No less.

So there we go, I now feel like I know a bit about coffee. And I've found an awesome coffee shop to go to too! Nice!

Where? 44 Stanley, Milpark, Johannesbur



by Helen Spiropoulos
Coffee culture is clearly growing in Jozi and Bean There Coffee Roastery is the Real McCoy. Go there for damn good African coffee.


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