Bamboo's Creative Centre In Melville

Bamboo's Creative Centre In Melville

Your Saturday mornings could do with a little Bamboo on the schedule.

Sundays are made for lazing but Saturday mornings deserve a little more love and attention. After all they are precious gifts which we working folk are crazily possessive over. Don't you dare take my Saturday morning from me! Or else expect a wrath you'll never be prepared for! Just a friendly warning. So this past Saturday a group of us made the most of our valuable gift day and wandered around Bamboo.

Melville still has the power to surprise with its creative side and this designer lifestyle centre is one of those pleasant little finds that gives the neighbourhood this reputation. It's found just off Barry Hertzog road in a residential part of the suburb so don't go searching for it on the busy 7th Street. Its location is what makes it so easy-going and definitely worth a meander through.



Bamboo is made up of a collection of unique studios, shops and creative spaces. It's probably best known for the amazingness that is the Service Station restaurant. Lunch is a must here as they bring out a buffet of freshly made vegetarian dishes such as vegie quiche, pasta salads, couscous, lasagnes and fresh green goodies galore. Fill a plate and surrender to bliss. We were there early though so tried the breakfasts which were good enough too but paled in comparison to the star of the show: King lunch.

The other components of Bamboo include Black Coffee couture clothes shop and  Nap which  is a upmarket lifestyle and home focused shop with a bit of a farm store feel to it. You'll probably leave with a bag of "nice" from there. Then there is Renue -a body, health and mind shop which offers beauty treatments too. Entropy is an interior design studio which focuses on art, designs and desirables. Their stuff is very creative and original. UPSTAIRS @ BAMBOO is the resident art gallery there which changes exhibitions often. Then there is the charismatic little jewellery store Tinsel which sells contemporary, hand-made South African jewellery. The items are beautiful and so distinctive. Finally LOVE BOOKS is the independent book shop which hugs onto the restaurant. I could have stayed there overnight just browsing. It has a vast and varied collection of books for sale and might still be the reason for my financial downfall in the future. I highly recommend a walk past its shelves.





The centre also hosts a farmers market on its roof on the first Saturday of each month. Everything on sale at the stalls is either handpicked, grown or handmade.





Bamboo was the ideal place to spend a relaxed Saturday morning at.  I left feeling fulfilled and as a result nobody had to succumb to my wrath either. Bamboo is good for the soul and good for a Saturday morning.
Corner of Rustenburg Rd & 9th street Melville, Johannesburg
t: 011 726 1701
c: 083 284 6226







by Kelly Kidson
Melville's calm but creative side is housed in the Bamboo centre.


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