As Basic As My Bread And Butter

As Basic As My Bread And Butter

Whenever a legend retires, there are always some massive shoes to fill. Legends create a sense of expectation; we get spoiled with quality and are often let down when the predecessor is proven to a pretender.

For those who enjoy breakfasting in Parkview and cried out when the legend that was Scusi closed its doors, fear not, for where one legend has departed, the promise of another has taken its place.

My Bread and Butter is everything you'd want in a breakfast spot and has inherited one of Johannesburg's prime locations. On the corner of Tyrone Avenue and Ennis Road in Parkview, this open, warm and inviting corner café is about to become your Saturday morning go-to. 

The smell of roasting coffee beans accompany broad smiles as you find your seat - a tough ask given the popularity of the place. Their menu is small enough for you to you know that the ingredients are fresh but varied enough for you to be able to walk in without any particular meal in mind and still be safe in the knowledge that something will grab your attention.

Their oats are a must for the health-conscious and come with fresh fruit and toasted nuts. A tip: ask for the freshly-made marmalade and lather it all over your bowl. The eggs are creamy, the mushrooms well-seasoned and the simple bacon and toast combo leaves nothing to be desired.

My Bread and Butter is not as gregarious as some of its contemporaries in Greenside or Parkhurst but it doesn't have to be. Breakfast has become an overcomplicated affair at many restaurants with too many sauces, too many proteins, too many frills and flairs with the basics being forgotten. When you are learning how to drive, the first thing they teach you is not how to perform a handbrake turn, it's how to drive the car - know what I mean?

This corner-side treat gives you exactly what you want. It doesn't promise anything besides good food, a prime location and prices that will keep you coming back, no matter how long it is till payday.

"Bread and butter" refers to the essentials or sustaining elements in one's life. Give this place a go and we guarantee that it will become one of yours. 

Where? Corner Tyrone Avenue and Ennis Road, Parkview, Johannesburg

When? Mondays to Saturdays: 07:00 - 22:00 

Tel: 011 6468639

by Daniel Gallan
Move over, Scusi, make room for My Bread and Butter. This corner-side café has taken it back to basics in the best way.