An African Brunch And Cocktail Combo At La Musa

An African Brunch And Cocktail Combo At La Musa
Nestled in a cosy corner of the Maboneng precinct, you will find a La Musa. Established by the inspiring Muzi Khumalo, who opened this, his first restaurant, as the result of an unenviable retrenchment, La Musa has been created as a space that breaks the norm. Instead of the usual practice of loud party music drowning out the conversation at each table, La Musa offers a refuge where the music - provided by bands and DJs - serves as part of the background environment.
Muzi's vision is backed by a team with years of professional experience in fine dining and, in just over a month, they have outdone themselves by building a homely space that is already proving a hit amongst locals and tourists alike.
Their menu is comfortably varied and there is a meal in there for everyone. You can just as easily find eisbein as you can tripe or burgers. The pricing is also relatively affordable with the most expensive chow costing R125. Personally, I chose the squid heads main meal (the best I've had ever had - for reals), which was a pretty substantial portion with a great presentation. 
The restaurant has a full liquor license and is open everyday from as early as 9am 'till  late (depending on customers).
Where? Corner Albrecht and Albertina Sisulu Streets, Johannesbur
Tel: 072-448-6817 (Muzi)
by Mdu Sibanyoni
The music won't drown out your chit-chat. Pop into La Musa for contemporary African breakfast, lunch and dinner.