Turning African Jazz Insideout

Turning African Jazz Insideout


071 113 5989


1154 Machaba Drive, Mofolo Central

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Located deep in Soweto, Mofolo Central, there is an absolute gem of a venue that has a timeless swagger of a thatch roof building and the modern touch of colourful graffiti here and there. When your ears start to notice the jazzy whispers coming from inside, then you know, you’ve arrived at Insideout Jazz Lounge.

Insideout is a fine, young establishment with an old soul and a certain vibrancy and welcoming ambience to it. As you walk in through the gate made of thatch straws and logs, you notice that this is no ordinary venue. It’s as if someone from the 1820’s came by and designed the place himself. As impressive as it looks on the outside, the inside is really where Insideout makes its most memorable mark.

Hosted by legendary percussionist Thebe Lipere, Insideout offers the best in performing jazz and jam sessions during the day for the artist who needs an audience and some rehearsal time or just networking with their peers through making music. The interior design is very African with inspiration visible from all corners of the continent in a harmonic manner. The whole place is furnished with mostly logs and planks that make up the benches and tables. Unique art pieces and handmade instruments make up the rest of the décor.

This is one of the best places in Soweto to listen to some great jazz music and even better live performances that come with the spontaneity and improvisation that make even the songs you know sound refreshingly new. The space is intimate and the performers draw a lot of energy from the audience and the positive vibrations that are being transmitted from the place and the attentiveness of the audience; with a twitch and a scream of appreciation induced by an intricate or harmonic note or cord played.

If you ever feel like a unique space that takes you miles away musically without even leaving Soweto, you’ll be warmly welcomed and treated to the silky smooth sounds of Insideout.

Contact? 071 113 5989

Where? 1154 Machaba Drive, Mofolo, Soweto

Operating Hours? Everyday 4pm- 12pm

by Tshepiso Nkoe
Located deep in Soweto is a jazz club where authenticity matters.