Toy Toy Brings Underground To The Surface

Toy Toy Brings Underground To The Surface

DJ Kevin Saunderson kept in beat with the pulse of another hot Toy-Toy party. See you there this Friday again?

Everything about Toy-Toy screams underground. You could easily miss the hole-in-the-wall entrance, a narrow doorway that leads you down into the basement of Capital Music Café in Rosebank. As I crouched through the doorway last Friday night I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Although it was relatively early, the intimate venue was already filling up with eager techno troops. Immediately I was struck by the quality of the sound, as the bass thumped in time with my excited heartbeat.  



The eager crowd was lapping up the deep tunes that were being pumped out by Rob Sloan as he finished up his set. By this stage the drinks were flowing and limbs were flailing on the dance floor, as the air of anticipation continued to grow.





Next up was Digital Rockit, another regular and favourite at these weekly parties. The disco den was heaving as more and more people began to arrive, just in time for the main act, special guest DJ Kevin Saunderson. As the Detroit techno pioneer got behind the decks the entire venue erupted: this was what we had been waiting for and he didn't disappoint. Fists were thrown into the air as the bass dropped and people began to move uncontrollably on the cramped dance floor.

We asked Kevin a few questions:

1) How does the South African electronic music scene compare with the rest of the world?
The scene here fits right in with the rest of the world. The productions and layout is very good. The crowds have been up for the music too.

2) How has your experience been in South Africa? What has been most memorable about it?
The experience has been great. I have been taken care of, eaten well, seen a lot in a short time. Going shark diving has been the most memorable!  Nowhere else in the world can you do something like that, it was eye opening and I am looking forward to coming back.

3) What was your first impression of Joburg?
It was not what I had anticipated. More built up and metropolitan, also colder than expected. Party, food and people were all good.






As I stumbled up the stairs at the end of the night I smiled as I realized I had found a Friday spot worth frequenting. Good music, good sound and good people, a full proof recipe for a killer party. Be sure to experience Toy-Toy for yourself this Friday night at Capital Music Café.





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by Tessa Cunliffe
The techno troops flock to these parties every week so they must be good right? We went to Toy Toy in Rosebank to find out.


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