'Fro Music Lounge

'Fro Music Lounge
I furtively crept through the wild Melville streets, keeping a lookout at all times for the bogey man. You never know. After a short and (luckily) uneventful walk, I arrived at 'Fro. 
Unpolished and still with windows all covered in newspaper, the 'Fro Music Lounge pleasantly surprised me. I was expecting to have my ears bombarded at the media event with deep house and was relieved when I found that the front room has been converted into a setting for live jamming. My ears were still bombarded, but the bombardment was of the agreeable kind. 
Busking musicians treated us to some very soulful jazz - a taster of what one can expect on a night out at 'Fro. The interior is decorated by a few pieces of exquisite custom leatherwork, which lends a warm, rich feel to the place. 
The spot is bound to take off. It's perfectly situated to draw in a sophisticated and quirky assortment of musos and music lovers from the local scene - provided the bogey man doesn't get them during their walk from the car. 
The idea of creating pre-hype for the venue through various media was ingenious. Yay for free marketing! Provided it's good marketing, right? The danger is showing an unpolished gem to the media and killing one's project in its cradle.  I don't think this will happen to 'Fro though - they opened their doors to share their good vibes and their vision, and they'll surely reap the rewards. 
Where? 2 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg 
'Fro will officially open its doors on 6 July 
by Yelena Calavera
Yelena Calavera braves the Melville Streets for a sneak peek at 'Fro Music Lounge