Zebra Trail Tripping On Hennops Hiking Trail

Zebra Trail Tripping On Hennops Hiking Trail

You think you're fit from gym workouts?  Test your fitness in the real world!

My friend lied.  She lied through her sweet city teeth about this 5km hike on the Hennops trail right down to the size of the spiders.  But I'm glad she did, or this lipstick lovin' shower-for-an-hour Jozi jewel would never have agreed to a morning of nature and fresh air. 

The truth is that the Zebra Trail (yes, you will see Zebra) is actually 6.15km long and worth every steep step.  But it's not just a hike, it's a bit of an adventure.  There's only one way to cross the Hennops River to begin the hike and it includes an iron bench, a trusty rope, upper body strength and a brave face.  If you're scared of heights just bear it - it's a quick cable trip to the other side and you'll be on stable ground before the heart palpitations start.

Warning; you'll need someone brave with a stick walking ahead to smack all the spiders away - they look big enough to wrap around my face!  When you untangle yourself from wide webs and find the beast that made it, be sure to watch for loose rocks as you run away screaming like a taxi driver threatened you. 

Each time we reached the top of a hill there were fist pumps all around, quick snapshots of the scenery and big deep breaths to brave the next wall of rock.  Just as you think your lungs and thigh muscles will burst into the burning flames they feel like, the hike is over.  And you survived the eight legged freaks.




Bring a picnic and join the townhouse residents that come out here for the swimming pool and open space. Snack, laze and be back in your own concrete jungle before 2pm.

I'll be back to tackle the 11.33km by winter.

Where? Hennops Trails, Centurion

Open Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 8:30 - 5pm





by Chandré Peters
The Hennops Hiking Trail gets you out of the city smog and into some Bear Grylls type adventures – mind the spiders!