You Try Wild Caves Alone, You Die Alone

You Try Wild Caves Alone, You Die Alone

The exciting and adventurous underworld awaits. Genevieve goes caving (aka spelunking).

If someone had told me crawling around on four haunches in a pitch dark cave (commonly known as spelunking) was the definition of fun, I'd probably have laughed in their face.  That being said, I must confess that recently I found myself in this very situation and dare I say it, it was Fantastic!

You see, recently I met a group of people whom I might refer to as 'wild at heart'.  What you may categorize as adventure seekers, these lovely bunch of folk live and breathe extreme activities, anything that gets the muscles working, the blood flowing and... well asshole clenching.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly your prim and proper won't get down and dirty kind of girl, but there's something about abseiling down a 17m dark cavern that sets off the red light.

Nonetheless, after some hesitation I had paid my R250 and pitched up at the Wild Caves based in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage area and pleasantly explored the great underworld.  What a treat.  For an hour and a half we roamed around the 4400sqm cave, learning about the different cave formations, the excess calcium that precipitates on the cave walls and the lime miners of the 1800's.  So I had heard about those stala-watchama-call-its before, but the true beauty of the crystals that form underground is fascinating.

It may sound like a long time to be underground, the lowest point reaching 75m deep, but with a few excursions through some slightly invasive spaces, a rather unsteady steel rope ladder climb and the perilous bat guano, time is the last thing on your mind.  Soon our journey was over and I was left with that very peculiar feeling of "let's-do-that-again."  What can I say, I'm hooked!  Now off to jump out a plane...
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by Genevieve Vieira
Wild at heart in small, cramped spaces – this is spelunking with Wild Caves at the Cradle Of Humankind.


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