Who knew Joburgers really like rock climbing?

Who knew Joburgers really like rock climbing?

Who knew rock climbing was so popular? As someone who isn’t great with heights on the best of days, but after facing my fears a few years ago with one death-defying leap can handle a little more now, it didn’t cross my mind that an indoor climbing arena kitted out with a gym and yoga studio to boot would gain as much as a following as it has. Hence the delayed review! The blame rests solely on me. 

If you haven’t heard about it yet, somehow, then CityROCK boasts the tallest indoor climbing gym in Africa that is for everyone from beginners to Spider-Man. For me, it reminded me a lot of other indoor activity spaces such as Bounce in Waterfall, but slightly more challenging seeing as rock climbing is slightly more demanding than trampolines. 

The main attraction has to be their 2000m² of climbing that fluctuates in height and difficulty; and they have instructors all over to assist you and make sure you’re 100% safe while doing your thing. I have a tendency to be a bit closed-minded or ignorant when it comes to what excites people because if it doesn’t grab my attention I normally avoid the experience so when I first heard about CityROCK I dumbly assumed it was just going to be small climbing walls geared towards kids and children’s birthday parties. 

I was so, so wrong. 

It isn’t only about the climbing... I mean, it is, but I’ll explain. There’s an electric vibe rippling through the place as people are bouldering and scaling walls, having drinks and food from their surprisingly impressive restaurant. Everyone’s coming there to be social and get out of their shells while getting active at the same time. 

Is this what the future holds for Joburg? 

Normally meeting people meant going to a bar or a club and downing drinks until you’ve dispelled your awkwardness or self-consciousness but this was a completely different experience. At CityROCK you’re actually getting fit and doing something exhilarating and productive alongside meeting new people who are all there to enjoy themselves to the fullest. 

If you haven’t been then you need to go and just experience it for yourself, whether with family or friends, and if you have then you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

CityROCK is located in the Randburg/Fontainebleau area and you can check out their website by clicking here to find out more about what they offer. It’s a unique experience that might even become a healthy addiction if you’re searching for one.

by Editor
CityROCK offers a completely new and fresh take on the gym vibe alongside the old favourite the climbing wall.


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