The Pool Behind The MOAD

The Pool Behind The MOAD
If I had to describe the one thing that's missing from Maboneng, it would be a Spar. If I had to describe two things, I'd probably throw in a pool for good measure. That was until last week, when I discovered that the little precinct that could has added a large concrete hole filled with water to its many, many special features.
We've already told you about The Man Behind The MOAD, but now we've got The Pool behind it too.
As part of the development that occurred at what is now called Artisan Lofts, right there behind the MOAD, the folks at Propertuity have added something around about the appropriate time for a solid summer swim in the afternoon. The distinct lack of pools in the Joburg inner city mean that this place is going to be rather ideal for a dyk.
The plan for this space is to open a café poolside and let people partake in some light chow and coffee just in time to get cramps in the water, but they're still looking for an experienced tenant to take up the challenge.
Once everything's in order though, I can imagine that this is going to be a pretty big draw card for the locals (and maybe even visitors to the MOAD). In the meantime, it's pretty easy to sneak in and take a quick goof. Break on through.
What? The Pool Behind MOAD
Where? 281 Commissioner Street, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg
Why? Because there is a pool behind a museum, you guys. 
Images by Anele Khoza
by Nas Who
You already know about the Museum of African Design in Maboneng, but do you suckers know they have a pool now? Time for some sneaky midnight skinny dipping.


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