The Locrate Market Breaks All Other Markets

The Locrate Market Breaks All Other Markets
You gotta love how Soweto has become a throbbing metropolis all its own. It's as if everything that was once seen as exotic in the "township" has become a norm. You want to bungee jump? Don't drive to f***ing Krugersdorp. Just take a stroll to Orlando Towers, bru.
Now Soweto's spawned another crown jewel to add to its already impressive collection - The Locrate Market.
Close your eyes and snapshot a mental image of Braamfontein's Neighbourgoods Market, then samurai slaughter off the veneer of the familiar... now you're getting the right picture.
Ok, ok. Stand in the center of the place and hit a swift 360, it might look a little same-same. There are the stalls pregnant with local wares and if you're thirsty, there's the standard of craft beer. But take a closer look at the food trucks and you'll get a glimpse at something a sangoma might concoct - woza woza maybe. Then there's the crowd, pickled with a mix of tourists and Soweto locals, enjoying the outdoor look and feel.
And if there's one unique thing Locrate captures effortlessly, it's squeezing the jol out of a Sunday. You can't ignore the smooth afro jams accompanied by some live poetry and music to go down with your beer and a burger. All while chilling on a (Lo)crate.
The Locrate Market is a definite must for Sunday rejuvenation sessions. 
Look out for their next event:
What? The Locrate Market 
Where? Corner of Kudu Street & Moema Street, Orlando West, Soweto.
Why? The market to break all markets - a unique mix of "sangoma" food, Soweto locals and international tourists.
Photos By: Monde Nyovane
by Gibson Dlamini
Every market has its share of craft beer, live music and food, but how many can save your Sundays with a mix of tourists, locally made wares AND sangoma food?