Parkview Christmas Market

Parkview Christmas Market

Joburgers are loving the market culture in the city this festive season and here's why:

Held annually over the last weekend of November, the Parkview Christmas Market is the perfect shopping experience for the proactive gift buyer. It's located in George Hay Park, on the corner of Waterford and Lurgan Streets in Parkview, and you'll need to be ready to squeeze into a parallel parking space as it can get a little chaotic.



Once you've handed over your entry fee - a paltry R30 which goes to charity anyway - you'll find yourself in an outdoor wonderland of things to spend your cash on. A word to the wise - if you're going to spend the morning browsing, consider applying sunblock! There's not much shade and I was a healthy shade of pink by the time we left. My wallet was rather less healthy.





There was such a variety of goodies for sale; it was hard to know where to start. We bypassed the inevitable cheap Chinese-made toy tables, and were instead lured in by all things handmade. And there were loads, from gorgeous jewellery, to Christmas decorations, and even some festive treats for your four-legged friends at home. There were plenty of food stalls to ensure people stayed refreshed while they shopped, and fun activities for the kiddies as well.





Most stalls operated on a coupon system, but these coupons could be bought with credit cards as well as cash. Dangerous. Any change from unused coupons was also donated to charity.








If you missed the market this year never fear. Other Christmas market and Christmas focused events still coming up include the Fantasia: Christmas Wonderland and Fair, the Irene Christmas market,  The South African Lipizzaners - Carols by Candlelight Christmas Performances and many more. Keep an eye on the JHBlive events page for details.





by Belinda Glenn
Shopping mall stresses are non existent at the Parkview Christmas Market.


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